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Awaken to Your Truth

Spiritual Awakening Counseling with Lisa Berman

Utilize your body’s symptoms as a guide to Awakening

Awakening is a shift to Awareness, where you move beyond limiting beliefs, identifications, and perceptions based on past experiences and memories. It is the waking up to consciousness of your true nature. It is living as presence, fully experiencing life in this moment.

Do you live as presence in the Here and Now? Do you understand what your Soul is telling you through your body symptoms?

  • Be empowered by Lisa’s 30 years of experience as a holistic health practitioner and 40 years on her spiritual path.
  • Leave the seminar in a new partnership with your body, the temple of your Soul.
  • Learn about the causal relationship between thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and their manifestation in the body.
  • Be guided through a meditative healing process.
  • Live an Awakened life in harmony with your Soul.

For upcoming workshops go to my calendar.