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Transform Your Life with Bach-Flower Therapy

Bach Flower Therapy with Lisa Berman

A practical workshop for balance and healing

This training in the use of Bach-Flower Essences can change your life forever. Discover the genius of Dr. Bach’s method, which has been utilized throughout the world over the last 80 years.

The workshop provides a deep knowledge about the principles and healing power of all 38 flower essences. You will get a profound insight about each flower and how to create a balanced formula for your well-being, Soul development, and body/mind health issues. In the workshop you will:

  • gain insight into the history and philosophy of Dr. Edward Bach.
  • learn about the many ways emotions and thought patterns affect your overall health.
  • develop a deep understanding of the subtleties and how to use the essences (diagnosis, selection, preparation, dosage).
  • understand the differences and similarities among the Bach Flowers via exercises, case studies and practical examples.
  • learn about the psychosomatic aspect of disease.
  • heighten personal awareness through experiential and interactive exercises.
  • develop and practice consultation skills and gain professional standards of practice.

The workshop is for health care providers as well as for personal and family use.

For upcoming workshops go to my calendar.