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Transformational Counseling


Often we hold onto something that doesn’t serve us anymore until suffering, physical symptoms, illness, and disease compel us to initiate a change.

  • Are you suffering from anxiety, depression, self-doubt, anger, or frustration?
  • Do you listen to your body and understand what it is telling you?
  • Are you ready for a breakthrough from blocked emotions, thought patterns, and beliefs?
  • Do you long for greater health, inner peace, wholeness, and Awakening?

Lisa’s transformational counseling helps you translate your symptoms into a self-empowered path towards well-being and wholeness. She utilizes different counseling techniques and holistic health modalities. Examples are:

Health Psychosomatic Counseling with Lisa Berman

Health and Psycho-somatic Counseling

Psychosomatic Counseling sees physical symptoms, illness and… read more…

Spiritual Awakening Counseling with Lisa Berman

Spiritual Awakening Counseling

Spiritual Awakening Counseling is supporting you to shift your awareness to the… read more…

Foot Reflexology with Lisa Berman


Our foot soles have an invisible map of points that correspond with organs in the… read more…

Mentorship Healthcare Professionals with Lisa Berman

Mentorship for Healthcare Providers

Lisa offers mentorship for healthcare professionals to develop key competencies… read more…

Compassionate Listening with Lisa Berman

Deep Listening

An art of deep empathic listening is Lisa’s healing approach to help you… read more…

Bach Flower Therapy with Lisa Berman

Bach-Flower Therapy

Bach-Flower Therapy is a healing modality based on 38 wild flower essences for… read more…

Nutrional Counseling with Lisa Berman

Nutritional Counseling

Eating the right food is one of the most important things one can do to prevent health… read more…

Homoepathy with Lisa Berman


Homeopathy is a natural healing system discovered over 200 years ago by the… read more…


60 minute session: $125

4 sessions: $400

8 sessions: $720

Fees are paid in advance by PayPal or mailing a check to:

Lisa Berman PO Box 1673 Ojai CA, 93024


Contact Lisa Berman for more detailsContact Lisa to discuss your needs.

Call Lisa for a free 15 minute consultationCall Lisa for a free 15 minute consultation: +1 (805) 804-7665.