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Bach-Flower Therapy

Bach-Flower Therapy with Lisa BermanBach-Flower Therapy is a healing modality based on 38 wild flower essences for transforming blocked emotions and thought patterns. They were discovered by the British physician Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936). The essences gently restore the harmony between body, mind and spirit by transforming emotional and mental imbalances, such as fear, worry, hopelessness, indecision, anger, stress, trauma, or lack of self-esteem so that the body’s own healing forces are free to heal itself. Personalized formulas will restore the balance you are looking for.

The remedies are safe to take with other medications and have no side effects or allergic reactions.

I am a leading expert in this modality for over 30 years, and teach it nationally and internationally.

To read about some Bach-Flower Essences go to my descriptions under Timeless Health Tips.