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Compassionate Listening for Healthcare Professionals

Compassionate Listening with Lisa Berman

This workshop focuses on the fundamentals of deep empathic listening as a healing tool. You will learn the skills and practices necessary to implement them into your daily life as a healthcare professional. In a trusting circle, you will experience the heart-opening healing power, which will also benefit you in all your relationships especially in challenging situations.

Lisa Berman was trained as a certified Compassionate Listening facilitator by The Compassionate Listening Project. For more information about The Compassionate Listening Project go to:

The workshop offers:

  • Cultivating compassion for yourself and others.
  • Transforming your judgments.
  • Learning to maintain balance in the heat of conflict and challenging situations.
  • Listen with your heart – your spiritual ear.
  • Speak from your heart.
  • Be fully in the present.
  • Give the healing gift of listening to yourself, your clients, your colleagues and others.

For upcoming workshops go to my calendar.