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HomeoSummit 2024:

Dis-ease along our Life’s Journey • Looking inward as a causal healing approach


For over 35 years, my transformational services have supported people to translate their physical symptoms, illness, disease, and emotional imbalances into a self-empowered path toward well-being and wholeness. My understanding is based on countless first-hand experiences that life’s most difficult physical and emotional challenges can be used as a guide for greater health, awakening, and unfolding the deepest potential.

My counseling, mentoring, workshops, and webinars are based on both my professional work and my personal commitment to inner transformation, spiritually and therapeutically. I believe in the limitless potential for health, well-being, and peace in every person. I see every challenge as an invitation to evolve, and to re-connect with our true nature.

Contact me to find out, how I can be of support in both preventative or natural integrative care with:


1 Transformational Counseling

  • acute or chronic physical symptoms;
  • anxiety, depression, frustration, self-doubt, anger or grief;
  • thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you;
  • dietary changes (food as medicine for optimal health);
  • life changes (moving, job/career, relationship, loss);
  • navigating adolescence, motherhood, mid-life, or end of life;
  • finding more inner peace and spiritual Awakening.


My Transformational Counseling


I believe that the only true healer is within each of us. In an enriching process of self-discovery, guided by the wisdom of your body and facilitated by my reflection, inquiry, and counseling, you can shift symptoms into a self-empowered path of truth, inner peace, greater health, and wholeness. I function as a guide and “spiritual midwife” helping you to harness your own innate healing power, utilizing counseling techniques such as:


Psychosomatic Counseling

Psychosomatic Counseling sees physical symptoms, illness and… read more…

Spiritual Awakening Counseling with Lisa BermanSpiritual Coaching

Spiritual Counseling is supporting you to shift your awareness to the… read more…

Personalized RetreatPersonalized Retreat

I am offering intensive Full Service Residential Retreats and Online Retreats. Why is a personalized retreat good for you… read more…

Mentorship Healthcare Professionals with Lisa BermanMentorship for Healthcare Providers

I offer mentorship for healthcare professionals to develop key competencies… read more…

Compassionate Listening with Lisa BermanHolistic Inquiry

Holistic inquiry is the art of deep listening. It can transform deep trauma and wounds, and read more…

Bach Flower Therapy

Bach Flower Therapy is a healing modality based on 38 wildflower essences for… read more…

Nutrional Counseling with Lisa BermanNutritional Counseling

Eating the right food is one of the most important things one can do to prevent health… read more…

Homoepathy with Lisa BermanHomeopathy

Homeopathy is a natural healing system discovered over 200 years ago by the… read more…

“Lisa has a unique way of knowing what your soul really needs in a moment and gently walking you there. The insights are helpful but the freedom you can attain on an inner level is beyond compare. She is a compassionate listener; you really do feel heard and understood. I appreciate Lisa more than words can express.” Raja E


In-Person Consultations

Each session will be around one hour. My office is in Ojai, CA.

Online Consultations via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or FaceTime

I work with clients online nationally and internationally. The energy is as powerful as in a one-on-one session in my healing practice.


60 minute session: $150

4 sessions: $500

Fees are paid by PayPal 



Contact Lisa Berman for more detailsContact Lisa to discuss your needs.

Call Lisa for a free 15 minute consultationCall Lisa for a free 15-minute consultation:+1 (805) 804-7665.