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Posted on May 5, 2013

My Book: Your Body Reveals

My Book: Your Body Reveals

Your Body Reveals: Awaken to Your TruthSince my last note, a lot of changes have happened and I am familiarizing to a different climate zone and new community. As every transition, it is on the edge of unknown territory. I feel held and supported by old and new friends.

In this transition, I am inspired to complete my book Your Body Reveals, Awaken to Your Truth. After working 30 years as a holistic healer I put my understanding, approach and experiences into a guide and workbook for self-help and healing. It is full of supportive information, exercises, meditations and basic nutritional information. A core message in the book is that disease and suffering are a call to awakening. It can be an enriching initiation path for more self-love and learning, enhancing our spiritual dimension into wholeness. I show an expanded perspective on disease to help you shift fear into a self-empowered healing process. I believe that what we have created, we can newly re-create.

To heal means to become whole again. 

Healing is remembering who you really are!

In my work with clients I am most interested to inquire and explore the deeper cause of symptoms or disease in addition to the support of healing modalities. I look at the main three causes of disease as they can block our own healing forces and clearly accumulate when all three are out of balance:

1. Deficient nutrition:

  • Refined processed products: e.g. white sugar & white flour
  • Low-quality fats
  • High consumption of animal proteins

2. Life-related disease: How we respond to life based on blocked emotions and thought patterns as well as unhealed trauma e.g.

3. Toxins: environmental poisons, pollution, radiation, chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides, drugs, food additives, household and industrial cleaners, …

The life-related diseases have the strongest influence on our well-being. They are the manifestation of our un- consciousness, and the body is expressing a truth we might be not able to articulate. There is sufficient data that our reaction, response to life and our interventions lead to stress and other health changes. The body speaks truthfully and has a natural feedback system which most of us misinterpret. Many people perceive acute or chronic symptoms and diseases as a nuisance and it creates much fear, threat and worry. The most typical healing approach is to fix the symptoms, which from my experience misdirects its purpose, why it disturbed in the first place. This leads to more acute and chronic conditions, which we obviously see in the increase of chronic disease and the spiraling upward increasing health care costs. Our western culture is leading the world with patient cases of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer in epidemic proportions. Our world is in a health care crisis despite of all its talents, resources and high tech apparatuses. My book gives the reader a deeper understanding about disease and your true spiritual nature.

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