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Posted on May 21, 2012

Heather (Calluna Vulgaris)

Heather (Calluna Vulgaris)

The Identity Flower – From a Needy Child to an Understanding Adult

Bach Flower Essence Heather

Key Questions:

•        Are you totally self-absorbed, concerned only about yourself and your problems and ailments?

•        Do you dislike being alone, always seeking the companionship of others?

•        Do you talk incessantly, not interested in what anyone else has to say?

Heather is for you, when you are obsessed with yourself . You might be very much involved in your own troubles and experiences and have a huge need talking about it. It might happen that other people begin to avoid you as they are overwhelmed by your needs, which might bring up the fear of being alone.

Heather is called the ‘needy inner child’, which shows the origin in early childhood. You might have been unwanted, neglected, not accepted, abandoned or emotionally malnourished. As a result, you still feel undernourished and in need of recognition from those around you. You might experience a strong desire to be listened to and to be taken seriously. Deep within, you have lost the trust, feeling of connectedness and oneness with people and the world.

Heather is also helpful when you were alone too long and/or when you were not nurtured enough in your family, work or social life. Your mind might be filled with thoughts and you desperately seek others to share those thoughts with.

Behavior Pattern in the Blocked State can be:

•        Your thoughts are entirely centered on personal prob- lems

•        You take yourself too seriously

•        You are driven to talk to everyone about yourself

•        You’re unable to be alone, feeling somehow lost when you are solitary

•        You tend to exaggerate emotionally, making mountains out of molehills

•        You find it difficult to listen to others

•        You are absorbed completely in yourself and therefore have not awareness of others’ concerns

•        You try to appear stronger and more competent than you really are, and as a result you don’t get the sympathy you want

•        You take over social conversation and immediately turn them to yourself

Healing path

Bach Flower Essence HeatherWhen looking at the Heather plant it symbolizes two aspects: it can survive the loneliness and yet it prevents other plants from living near to it. Heather grows in the wilderness and is mostly found in mountains and moorland. It likes acidity and tolerates both wet, boggy ground and dry sandy heaths. They thrive where only few other plants can. In a lifetime of twenty to thirty years the low bush will smother all other plants and poison the soil with acidity.

The healing properties of the Heather essence are to integrate both sides. Be aware of the great strength to survive by yourself and that you can find in yourselves what we seek from others. At the same time give space and respect to those around you that they can also grow and fulfill their purpose.

In a balanced state, a Heather person takes care for his or her own needs and is a good listener full of empathy and compassion.

•        You are a sympathetic adult with a great capacity for empathy

•        You create an atmosphere of trust and comfort

•        You know you’ll receive everything necessary for your personal development

Empowering Statements for Heather are:

(The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy, Mechthild Scheffer)

•        I feel safe

•        I receive all that I need

•        I nurture others

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