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Posted on Sep 23, 2011

Oak (Quercus Ruber)

Oak (Quercus Ruber)

Oak 2The Endurance Flower – From Unflagging Duty to Inner Commitment

Key Questions:

  • Are you exhausted but feel the need to struggle on against all odds?
  • Do you have a strong sense of duty and dependability, carrying on no matter what obstacles stand in your way?
  • Do you neglect your own needs to complete a task?

The flower essence of the Oak tree is for those who feel exhausted and have the tendency to never give up, regardless of difficulties. You might need the essence just for your present situation though you might be also a typical Oak personality, which is strong, courageous and has an intense sense of duty. You readily share another’s burden and take over their responsibilities. You are afraid to appear weak and might not know when to give up or how to give up.

The healing forces of the Oak flower will connect you with a balanced view and an acceptance of limitation, a sharing of the burden and the development of less rigid ways to express your will. It balances the male and female side within us.

  • You fulfill your duty within the parameters of what is possible
  • You deal creatively and skillfully with difficult, stressful tasks
  • You accomplish a great deal but are also able to say, “That’s enough!”
  • You master life joyfully, with strength and endurance

The Oak tree is a sturdy tree, and will not bend with the wind, yet it is the tree that endures and is steadfast. In older days the wood was used to build ships, great cathedrals, churches and halls.

The tree is a very nurturing tree with its acorns and offers shelters for many plants and creatures. It tolerantly hosts hundreds of different insects and they provide food for the birds and rodents. They are rich in undergrowth since Oak trees allow light through to the other plants beneath; mosses and even seedling trees grow on their branches.

An oak tree can easily become hundreds of years, sometimes over 1000 or, as I found in North Florida, over 2000 years (see photo above). For all the strength of the Oak tree, however, it is noticeable that they can crack open, branches can break or die back. The Oak tree never gives up: they can still be struggling into leaf when the tree is rotten with age. It represents abundance.

Empowering Statements for Oak are:

(The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy, Mechthild Scheffer)

  • I relax
  • I finish easily
  • I feel free

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