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Feb 24, 2021: Interview of Lisa Berman in German explaining what Bach-Flower Essences are, their roots and healing properties. Interview taken by Cora von der Heyden (

February 2021: Interview of Lisa Berman at the 7th International Homeopathy Online-Congress: “Bach-Flower Essences – A Journey to Your Soul” 

Feb 13, 2019: “Women in Transition”, Live Fb Interview by Blanca Velasco

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about: Your Body Reveals, Awaken to Your Truth

January, 2013
Press Release

New book beckons readers to listen to their own bodies

Healer Lisa Berman’s theories have been proven by 30 years of practice and success

OJAI, Calif. – Lisa Berman’s new book “Your Body Reveals, Awaken to Your Truth: 7 Steps to Wholeness” is a profound yet simple guide for achieving health and inner peace that anyone, no matter what their situation, can use to gain self-mastery over life’s challenges.

Built around 30 years of private practice, Berman’s core message is that physical symptoms, illness and disease are a call to realign oneself with one’s true nature and wholeness. “By examining our thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions, and using the language of the body to interpret the inherent message from our Soul, we can grow to be our most gorgeous Self,” she says. Combined with exercises, meditations, foundational knowledge in nutrition, a compendium of what each organ/body-system represents and living with the natural cycles of the season, this book is a hands-on tool for taking positive, self-empowered action.

Berman has mined the empirical data she’s built over three decades of private practice, and knows that the power to heal and find mastery is within. “Your body is totally honest,” she tells readers. “Are you listening? Do you understand what it is telling you?”

Your Body Reveals: Awaken to Your Truth
By Lisa Berman
Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 196 pages | ISBN 9781452562346
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 196 pages | ISBN 9781452562322
E-Book | 196 pages | ISBN 9781452562339
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Lisa Berman is an internationally acclaimed healer. Her emphasis is on psychosomatic counseling, transformative health-coaching and “spiritual midwifery” for change, transformation and healing. Her 30 years’ experience in private practice spans 20 years in Germany and 10 in the United States. She is an adjunct faculty member at Bastyr University in Seattle.