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Dr. G.
What a beautiful course! I have so much gratitude to you for instructing this course and being my first introduction to these beautiful Bach flower remedies. I have already seen how this modality completes my practice and what I can offer to patients as well as myself and my family and for that I am so grateful. You’ve structured the course so wonderfully with all of the additional, helpful resources and easy to follow descriptions of the flowers and clarifying case examples. Thank You so very much! I truly enjoyed you and your class.

Raja E.
Lisa has a unique way of knowing what your soul really needs in a moment and gently walking you there. The insights are helpful but the freedom you can attain on an inner level is beyond compare. She is a compassionate listener; you really do feel heard and understood. I appreciate Lisa more than words can express.

Kristina H.
I have to say that there has been a huge shift in me just from the first Bach-Flower formula, which has been amazing. I have been trying to access my issues I have been trying to work on for the last 7 years and all of the other modalities have not been able to touch it! I am feeling so incredibly grateful. I so appreciate your help.

Cecilia S.
I’m so honored to know you and so thankful for your workshop.  You gave me visuals, metaphors and practical language that are really helpful.  

Niedra G.
Dear Lisa, I think it has been about 10 days since I last saw you and I still ponder how much can change (for the better) with such little shifts and changes, you suggested I implement. Huge slabs of my personality have been falling away, with the result that I am so much more comfortable and content, able to make decisions, be happy and enjoy “the journey”. My husband commented last night about how calm and content we are together and what a joy it is to share our lives (and I agree: what a big change from where I was when first coming to you and feeling trapped!). I feel I have dropped chunks of genetic programming and regained parts of my soul that were buried under junk programming.

I am now trusting my own judgements, happy with the support I am experiencing (business and nutritional) and feel aligned in my personal, family and professional life. I am enjoying NOT feeling overwhelmed and confused, easily taking care of myself, taking care of the world I find myself in, and enjoying whatever is coming my way. I can see old thought programs that used to run out of control, wanting to plug in, and the dysfunction in them.  So I don’t… and this all happens very lightly and easily. I feel so grateful: as though all my wishes suddenly came true (and I am not getting attached, I know this is simply flowing this way).

I think the support I got from the Bach-Flowers added to the magic, as they really shifted me (I could feel the energetics). I often ponder how I found YOU, with all the amazing past you have already journeyed through, and I came to you for help, and what incredible help it was for me. This was all an act of grace, so much more than the rational ego mind could have done.  Thank you again, when I think back on my four sessions, they were so simple, and life changing, tipping ME over into a different state.

Lucy D.
Lisa is a uniquely gifted healing facilitator of the utmost sensitivity and integrity, a rare jewel of compassionate healing.
Beverly M.
I want to express my great gratitude for such an amazing workshop that you offered us all. I was so energized & also relaxed on our way back. Beyond that & just from the heart, your work & your presentation is absolutely exquisite & your information is such a simple yet powerful expression of the “real” medicine. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Skylar K.
Skylar Lisa
J'Nelle H.
Thank you Lisa, for the amazing workshop last Saturday. I love your gentle, in-depth and successful approach of listening to what my body is telling me. During the exercise I accessed a piece of my past, which directly correlated to my present physical symptoms, allowing me to let go and breathe healing into this area. Also the technique called Organ Constellation Work (adopted from Family Constellation Work by Bert Hellinger) was truly amazing in it’s ability to shift energy as far back as ancestors. Thus promoting healing in the present. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in self-healing to attend Lisa’s next workshop.
Julie H.
Thank you for the beautiful workshop “Your Body Reveals, Awaken to Your Truth” yesterday. You maintain and exude a lovely vibration and convey clearly this subtle, deep material in a very receivable way.
Christa T.
I had the greatest time at the Residential Health- and Awakening Retreat with Lisa. She is a true healer, beautiful and a warm person, sensitive and balanced – she lives what she teaches. I love it! Thanks Lisa.
Neva W.
Lisa brings a beautiful combination of experience, knowledge, intuition, and compassion to her healing work. When I am out of balance, physically and emotionally, she knows exactly what I need to get back on track. I feel blessed knowing I can count on her guidance.
Kathy W.
Lisa is a warm, charismatic, responsible, insightful teacher and healer. She listens brilliantly with her soul as well as hearing what you say. She will deliver what you seek. Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative.
Christine C.
Lisa Berman listens like no other. With her whole being, she takes in where you are and feeds you exactly what you need, to move closer to your fullest embodiment of Self. She draws on a large palette of experience and modalities, from flower essences to guided meditation to playful exercises. Her methods cut through limitations of time and space, so your healing work takes place in an entirely different universe. Lisa takes you to a place where love rules!
Erica H.
Lisa is an excellent teacher. You will never get bored or confused in her class. She is very enthusiastic and full of inspiration. I have thoroughly enjoyed the class. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences. It has helped me tremendously. Blessings to you as you have blessed me and continue to bless others.
Tara T.
I am honored that I was able to participate in this course. It has been the most enriching experience I have had as a student. Not only did I learn more than I could have imagined, but I also became more of who I already was at my core. Thank you a million times over for sharing your knowledge.
Cynthia F.
I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar “Your Soul, the Body Whisperer” and think you are so brilliant and caring. You are doing so much good!
Linnaea B.
Thank you for sharing your love, wisdom and expertise with us tonight. You are a passionate teacher that expresses the present state of your learning and experience from the heart. Much admiration. So clear. Bravo!
Terace Y.
The work we are doing together has changed my life and thus the lives of my children and my partner. I have longed for so many years to find a healer just like you – someone to listen to body and Soul, and to treat them as one.
Darina S.
Dear Lisa, thank you for the priceless triple gift of presence, listening and healing you gave me – so much appreciated! Your beautiful soft energy & deep inner wisdom came through wonderfully and I am so grateful for what we shared. TY for the blessing, the healing and the unconditional giving! TY with deep gratitude & Love.
Amie M.
Thank you so much for a truly empowering and life-changing class. This has been the best class I have taken at Bastyr University.
Kelsey K.
Lisa is a master of Bach-Flower Therapy. She is extremely knowledgeable about the remedies and infuses her teaching with deep wisdom and passion. Due to this ability, the student absorbs the information as if by osmosis! I feel that I have learned as much about life as I have about these remedies. Thank you!
Kimberley W.
Lisa is a delightful teacher, full of love, experience and wisdom. She is gorgeous and yet discerning. She inspires, educates and supports people to go into areas otherwise forbidden in our society to heal and grow, such as energetics, sensitivity to the spirit world and abusive. I am grateful for having met Lisa and for the precious information that she shared with us. It has been instrumental in my growth as a healer and individually as a person.
Debi K.
Thank you so much! Lisa, you are the kind of person whose presence alone promotes healing!
Sarah D.
My expectations for this class were surpassed! I enjoyed all the insights Lisa brought to her teaching! I loved learning about the body wisdom and ways that our body tries to speak to us through symptoms of dis-ease. I have learned so much from Lisa, and the class was my favorite out of all the classes I’ve ever taken at Bastyr University. The class was a great mix of case studies and the instructors many years of experience and wisdom. Lisa’s passion and wisdom made each class a unique learning experience. I left each class feeling energized and refueled – a novelty for a 6pm class!
Patrick F.
Lisa’s clear enthusiasm and willingness to share and her knowledge truly made this class great. I appreciate that, even though the class is at the end of a long day, I end up leaving feeling energized. Thank You.
Katrin G.
Lisa Berman is the most knowledgeable person I have met, about Bach-Flower essences. She is genuine, kind and loving and makes studying the flower essences fun. I acknowledge her for her wisdom and integrity.
Ariana L.
Lisa’s presence alone was both therapeutic and convincing. She is truly a magnificent human being.
Tracy R.
Thank you for making this one of the most interesting classes I have taken at Bastyr! I really enjoyed the content and Lisa’s teaching style.
Jenica T.
It is clear that Lisa Berman is a Master in both teaching and using Flower Remedies. Her calm and open demeanor set the tone for the whole course and welcomes you into the deep reservoirs of knowledge and experience that she has. You feel a healing happen just by showing up and learning about this beautiful modality. Lisa is able to really clearly differentiate the differences between flowers, which might otherwise be confused with each other, great clarity! Thank you for your time and energy!