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Health and Psychosomatic Counseling

Psychosomatic Counseling sees physical symptoms, illness and disease as indicators of blocked emotions, beliefs and thought patterns. Your ‘body’s language’ (what each organ represents) serves as a guide for a transformational inquiry. The symptoms express the Soul’s message bringing issues to attention that no longer serve your highest purpose.

“Once people have grasped the difference between illness and symptom, their basic attitude and approach to illness becomes transformed at a stroke. No longer do they see the symptom as the great enemy that they must resist and destroy. Instead they discover in the symptom a partner capable of helping them to discover what they lack and so to overcome their current illness. At this point the symptom becomes a kind of teacher, helping us take responsibility for our own development and the growth of our consciousness—a teacher, though, who can show great severity and harshness should we fail to respect what is in fact our highest law. Illness knows only one goal: to make us become whole.” Dr. Rüdiger Dahlke