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Online Retreat


An intensive retreat can save you months or years of treatment. You might want to work on one specific issue or several, for example:

  • present life challenges, physically, emotionally, or mentally
  • traumas, loss, hardships, unhealed wounds
  • beliefs that don’t serve you anymore.

Important reasons for a personalized retreat:


  • to slow down and take a break from your daily life (“You can’t repair your car while driving on the highway.”)
  • to re—assess, re-group, re-energize
  • for healing from past experiences and living fully in the Now
  • become spacious, focused, and on purpose
  • listening and honoring your own inner voice
  • getting a new perspective on your life
  • finding new inspiration
  • Awakening Who You Are

My approach is most powerfully transformative and helping you to connect with your inner wisdom that knows the next steps in your evolutionary journey.

In a free 30 minute Skype session, you can discuss with me your situation. It is recommended to work on a single issue to begin with. The number of sessions needed varies based on your commitment. It can take just a day or two. Once you decide, you will receive an agreement and a questionnaire that prepares you for our work together.

If you prefer a Residential Retreat read more here….